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Interior Designer Tips for Finding Trades and Getting Quotes

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

Find out what to ask, when to ask and how...

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Room renovation

Whether you need a bricklayer, plumber or general builder for your next project, it can be daunting knowing where to start.

I've put together some tips to make the process a little less scary, and to help you get the best success when contacting trades and getting quotes.

“ is always good to make sure there are no crossed-wires, and both sides have a clear understanding of what is being quoted for.”

How do you find someone?

  • Recommendations; ask friends/family or local community groups. You'll often find someone you know or someone local, has a recommendation for you. It is also a good chance to check out the quality of their work.

  • The Internet; try using sites which list verified trades, such a 'checkatrade' or 'findmybuilder'. These types of websites can recommend local trades, you can read reviews and you can also ask to see their latest jobs.

  • A Different Trade; do you know an electrician but need a plumber? Ask them! You'll often find trades work together, so it's more than likely the electrician you used recently can recommend that plumber you need.

So you've found someone, what now?

When it comes to getting quotes, it's important to take the following into consideration. Each person will quote differently, so to ensure you don't waste your time and the builders time, read on..

  • Asking for a quote; it's always a good idea to see how the trade likes to provide quotes. Do they want to conduct a site visit? Can they quote over the phone/facetime? This will depend on the person and the type of work involved. More often than not, a visit will be required.

  • Scope of work; when asking for a quote, make sure you have a clear scope of work. This doesn't mean you can't change your mind, but it will help you obtain a clearer and more accurate quote. If you're unsure about what work you need, then the trade will be able to help advise you. But remember, any structural changes should always be checked by an Structural Engineer.

  • The Quote; confirm what the quote includes. It might sound obvious but it is always good to make sure there are no crossed-wires, and both sides have a clear understanding of what is being quoted for.

  • Time; Confirm how long the quote is valid for. Most trades have a waiting list, so it is good to check how long it is valid for.

  • Insurance; it's always good practice to check on insurances. Do they have public liability insurance?

  • Price; not happy with the quote? Chat it through with the trade. Can they provide any recommendations for changes/reducing costs? For example, if you are having a new bathroom fitted, can you save money by removing the original bathroom yourself? Would they be happy to negotiate on the scope of work, if you're prepared to get your hands dirty? Within reason of course, no dodgy DIY here please!

  • Multiple Quotes; remember it's always good to get several quotes. They will vary, and they won't always include the same amount of work; some trades might not be able to carry out all the work you require.

If your project involves structural changes or extensions etc then don't forget about planning permission and building regulations. If you're unsure, then it is always best to check with your local authority.

If you're planning a big project, then I'd love to chat and discuss how I can help. You can contact me here.

Until next week...

Kerry x

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